Our Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) is my patented invention and was originally conceptualized to correct the disadvantages of more traditional iron sight arrangements. I have been an action pistol competitor since the early 90’s and was the California State 1998 revolver IDPA champion. Occasional frustrations with my match scores lead me to think about alternative sighting platforms. The first ATS patents, both utility and design, were issued in 2004.

Here is how it all started:

My undergraduate and graduate degrees are in the general areas of counseling and clinical psychology. Some classes in psychological testing were required, in the two graduate programs that I completed. We all had to learn to administer these tests, as well as actually take them ourselves. Parts of the intelligence testing required exercises in spatial reasoning where we had to complete geometric forms. It became clear to me after taking these tests myself and observing the testing of others that everyone performed best with simple geometric form completion. I came to the conclusion that there is something in the hard-wiring of every human being that allows the human brain to complete simple geometric forms. The simplest of the simple geometric forms is a two-piece triangle. Here’s why:

There are five universal closed shapes — square, rectangle, triangle, circle and ellipse. The rectangle and ellipse are derivatives of the square and circle. The remaining shape, the triangle, is considered the action/movement shape, as one’s eyes always go to the points of the triangle. When you look at a circle or square, you look at the whole shape. When you look at a triangle, your eyes move instinctively to the points. The post-and-notch and its 3-dot derivative is a rectangle with no instinctive focal point. In all countries, regardless of how advanced or primitive, directions are always shown with an arrow — a straight line with a triangle. This symbol is universal to all humans. With the ATS, the barrel or slide is the straight line and the ATS sight picture is the arrowhead. The ATS, besides being a very precise shooting sight, is quick and instinctive. For this reason, new shooters and those with older or vision challenged eyes have an easier time with the ATS compared to traditional iron sighted configurations.

I’ve often wondered where the many accomplished post-and-notch / 3-dot shooters in our country would be today had they utilized the ATS from the get-go. I’ve also often wondered, given the ease of learning this advanced system, how much time and money could be saved by training new recruits with the ATS. Our ATS will eventually be available for all handguns, shotguns, carbines and rifles. WrenTech, LLC is committed to product excellence and product satisfaction.

Richard Nasef, President
WrenTech Industries, LLC
Advantage Tactical Sight