A striking fact concerning the incredible innovations in firearms over the last few centuries is that the post-and-notch and its 3-dot derivative sight platform have remained relatively undisturbed and untouched by paralleled advancements in iron sighted systems. The centuries long iron sight innovation breach has been updated by the science and customization possibilities of the Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS). The four distinct attributes that create this 21st century sight platform are: Speed of acquisition, precision aiming, fixed sighted adjustability and customization.

Speed of Acquisition and precision aiming: There exists in the hard-wiring of every human being the ability to quickly and easily complete a simple geometric form, like a two-piece pyramid or triangle, as opposed to non-geometric forms, like a post-and-notch configuration. This ability has been documented in spatial reasoning portions of intelligence tests utilized in psycho-educational testing. In art, of the five universal closed shapes, represented by the square, rectangle, triangle, circle and ellipse, only the triangle is considered the action/movement shape because, unlike other geometric shapes, one’s eyes instinctively move to the triangle’s points when presented with that geometric shape. The rectangle, which forms the geometric shape of the post-and-notch platforms, has no intuitive focal point. Advantage Tactical Sight’s speed of acquisition comes from the inherent ease of completing a two-piece triangle, where vertical and horizontal alignment of the two-piece geometric form occur simultaneously, not separately, as with the post-and-notch / 3-dot platforms. Precision aiming occurs as a result of the formation of a perfect pyramid, with the focal point being the very tip of the triangle. Guess work involved in ascertaining whether a post is equidistant in a notch and flat across the top of the notch is unnecessary. When teaching the ATS system, the learning curve is greatly reduced, because one only needs to ask new shooters to build a pyramid and put the point where they want the bullet to go.

The fix sighted adjustable system: This sounds almost oxymoronic, though there really is no contradictory language, when the ATS sight elevation adjustment concept is understood. Military and police organizations require fixed sighted platforms on their duty weapons. The Advantage Tactical Sight utilizes a set-screw for windage adjustments on the rear sight, and a shim system for elevation changes on the front sight. Shims are placed between the front sight base and the front sight of the ATS two-piece front sight system. Adding shims lowers bullet impact and removing them raises bullet impact. When the ATS is zeroed, simply tighten all set-screws and you’ll have a sight, as fixed as any conventional fixed sight, though it is now zeroed to your load.

Customization: Degrees of color blindness appear to be more prevalent in men than women. Individuals experience differences in color perception, intensity of color, and color perception and color intensity differences when colors are combined. It is for these reasons that each ATS sight package contains five differently colored front sights and five differently colored rear sight inserts. One may create 25 different color combinations from these five front sight and rear sight colors. These color choices allow ATS owners to customize their sight picture, according to individual color combo preference.

An ATS adorned firearm is now quick to acquire, precise, zeroed to a particular load while maintaining the integrity of a fixed sight, and has been color tuned to the vision preference of the user. New shooters will learn to shoot quicker and those with vision challenges will see their sights more clearly again. The great majority of experienced shooters will also acclimate well to the ATS system and will continue to enjoy shooting for along time to come, as they and their eye sight changes through the years. The centuries old schism that once existed between firearms innovation and the non-innovation in iron sight configuration has been mended, with the advent of the Advantage Tactical Sight.