Testimonials From Those Who Would Know

“A friend of mine recommended them. I’ve had them on my G19 for a long time and love them.”

“I grabbed several of my pistols with a variety of sights one day and just went and shot. I had thought some Trijicons that I had on a Sig were going to win out over the others, but was pleasantly surprised when it was the ATS, by far, that worked best for me. They line up so quickly and effortlessly and it seems even if they aren’t lining up perfectly, it makes little difference down on the target. I find that interesting.”

— JP, KY

“I completed Massad Ayoob’s (in the red jacket) MAG 20 course yesterday with my Advantage Tactical sighted Glock 19. Massad had me bring my Glock to the front by my target so he could highlight to the 30 participants the advantages of the sights, He uses them also as he stated they are great for rapid sight picture and especially for folks with older eyes.”

– Mike R.”

“I decided to send you my take on why I ended up with Advantage Tactical Sights. I bought a Glock 26 9mm as a Concealed Carry gun and then proceeded to use it when I started shooting IDPA matches. A couple of years ago I decided that a longer sight picture would give me more accuracy, so I bought a S&M M&P 40 that had about a 1” longer barrel and sight picture. I found that I was about as accurate with it as I was with the Glock.”

“The problem I have with both guns in the notch and post sight system. The Glock is better than the S&M because of the smaller notch and the fact that any left-right off center movement of the S&M post within its larger notch moves the shot further off center because of the longer barrel. My aging eyesight wasn’t helping either, I am 69 years old.”

“I needed something that would be easier to center the pistol on target. I bought the Advantage Tactical Sight system about 8 months ago. I am using them on my S&W and M&P 40 for my IDPA matches. I am finding it very easy to find horizontal center of the target with these sights. I am shooting better with this sighting system.”

– Donald, CO

“I first heard about ATS from Massad Ayoob. I’m a staff instructor with M.A.G. and I run ATS on all my Glock handguns and purchase and install quit a few for my students. This is the first time I have bought direct from ATS because I can get your product a little cheaper through Brownells since I have an account with them. I have purchased and installed over fifty sight sets for students and I will not run anything else on my handguns…thank you for a first class product Sir!”

– Philip from Southeastern Defensive Firearms Training Group (South Alabama)”

“I don’t recall the first time I heard about your sights, but a magazine article by Massad Ayoob convinced me to give them a try.  They are the best I’ve ever used and everyone that tries them are very impressed.  Good job.”

– Del, FL

“My friend and fellow instructor Mike Morgan introduced me to your sights last week. We took my Glock 17 with Trijicon sights and compared them to Mikes Glock 17 with the Advantage Tactical sights. Mike and I are both in our late 50s. In addition to being tactical firearm instructors, we are also avid competition shooters. We both have the typical vision issues associated with age and are always looking for that extra edge to go toe to toe with the younger guys. Your sights are far easier to acquire quickly than the standard Glock sights or the Trijicons allowing more time to press a smooth and accurate shot under timed competitions. Looking forward to using your new sights.”

Best regards,

– Brent, IL

“I first heard about ATS from Massad Ayoob. I’m a staff instructor with M.A.G. and I run ATS on all my Glock handguns and purchase and install quit a few for my students. This is the first time I have bought direct from ATS because I can get your product a little cheaper through Brownells since I have an account with them. I have purchased and installed over fifty sight sets for students and I will not run anything else on my handguns…thank you for a first class product Sir!”

Philip from Southeastern Defensive Firearms Training Group (South Alabama)

“For me, the question was answered. Advantage sights definitely are an advantage…“

– Read Massad Ayoob’s entire review of the ATS system in the April 2009 issue of Guns Magazine. Click here.

October 2012: “Hello Richard, first I want apologize for the delay in responding to your email, I recently purchased my first handgun. Furthermore, I recently retired from my third career as a network administrator for twenty years, before that I was an Otis Elevator mechanic for ten years, was an open wheel race car driver for twenty years and a glider pilot for two years.”

“To answer you as to how I found your company, well I have never jumped into anything that is associated with danger alone and have followed this motto for most of my life “There are some mistakes that the word sorry does not cover”, so I contacted an old high school friend with years of police and tactical experience. He took me to the Usery Shooting Range in Mesa AZ where I tried four different makes and caliber handguns. I settled on the Glock 22 .40 cal. My friend’s Glock had the same sights that I purchased from you. I am pleased to tell you that your gun sight greatly improved my accuracy and whenever I purchase another handgun I will be placing another order from your company. I have installed the sight I purchased from you and it works well even though I am still an amateur Advantage Tactical Sight has helped me in this new sport. Thank you!”

– Joseph, C. in Arizona

September 2012: “Hi Richard, I’ve been shooting for about 20 yrs for fun, but a couple of years ago got more serious about it and just this summer tried Bowling Pin Shooting. What a fun, friendly competition! But, alas, like many older shooters, my eyes are not what they used to be. It’s been very frustrating, so I thought about changing out my factory sights in my Glock 17. So I did a lot of research on- line and read lots of cutomer reviews. There are so many options out there that’s it’s just overwhelming. But when I checked your web sight, I was pretty sure I had found the right sights. Thanks so much for posting the customer reviews. They were the deciding factor in purchasing the Advantage Tactical Sight. I can’t wait to get them. And I feel confident that they will improve my accuracy and target acquisition.”

– Connie

June 2012: Written by an ATS customer in response to a published article

Attention Mr. Wagner,

“Thank you for your article on the old age eye sufferers that still desire to put holes in the black. I too have aging eyes and have found that the 3 dot sights just do not work for me.”

“I have the XS Sights on my Para LDA which improved my accuracy considerably. However, I was still looking for something better and stumbled upon a very small article on the Advantage Tactical Sights (ATS) that also uses a geometric theme in the sighting system. See the WEB at – www.advantagetactical.com”

“I have installed this sight on several handguns now and find that for me, the triangle completion in contrasting colors for aiming are a better choice for my eyes.”

“Anyone having issues with the ‘old’ sighting systems should take a look at these sights. I have been so happy with these sights I am slowly converting all my handguns to this sighting methodology based upon the results at the range. Tight groupings at various distances have been achieved and has made me a believer of the ATS system.”

“Take a peek, you too may like them enough to give them a try.”

– Gary – Cochranville, PA

June 2012: “My IDPA accuracy was much, much better with the ATS sights installed on the Glock. I cleaned a stage zero down for the first time in well over a year of shooting IDPA, taking only 9 points down in 5 stages. My normal is more like 30 – 40 points down, so the difference is really remarkable. My Lasik adjusted eyesight sees well at distance, but my short vision is shot. Only the ATS sights afford enough size and color for me to get a good sight picture, I love them.”

– Jeff in Austin, TX

May 2012: “Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Advantage Tactical Sights. I have one on my glock 19 9mm and I liked it so much, I also put a set on my glock 19 .22LR conversion kit made by Advantage Arms. This allows me to get a lot more trigger time during my practice sessions by shooting with the .22 long rifle cartridges than what I could afford to shoot in 9mm ammo.”

“Last week, I took my 9 year old daughter, Taylor, to the range with me so she could get in a practice session with her crickett .22 rifle. After we got there and finished setting up, she asked me if she could try and shoot my glock with the .22 conversion kit? So I showed her how to grip the weapon properly and to see if she could even reach the trigger on it with her small hands. I explained to Taylor that for the sight picture, all she had to do was complete the pyramid using the front and rear sight of the ATS and the bullet would strike at the tip of the pyramid. She got her stance and sight alignment and fired off the first round at a 12″x 12″ steel plate 15 yards away…ping (it was a hit !). second shot…ping (hit), third shot…ping (hit). The fourth, fifth, and sixth shots she missed because she started peaking trying to see where the bullet was going to hit instead of holding her form/followthru. I reminded her to watch her front sight and pay attention to her sight alignment. Shots 7,8, 9, and 10 were all hits. Not bad at all for a 9year old little girl in 3rd grade!”

– Sam S., Texas – Corrections officer, Federal Bureau of Prisons and former member of the Emergency Response Team

July 2011: “After 4 matches since installing your sights on my Springfield XD9 Tacticle I have decided to equip both of my Glocks with the Advantage Tacticle Sights. I am now sure that I am aquiring quicker and my accuracy has improved. I am seeing many alpha,alpha” scores. And in at least two stages my points were higher then the winner of the stage. My time and mental mistakes are my downfall now. However, the almost automatic placement of the front sight at the top of the triangle is allowing me to concentrate more on other disiplines. This past weekend my double taps were consistently closely grouped.”

– Roger, Ohio

June 2011: “My father just got to try out his ATS yesterday. You asked for feedback on them. First of all, we received them very quickly, so thank you for getting them sent out so quickly. My father choose to go with an orange rear sight and white front sight. These worked best for his eyes. He has been shooting for several years and even has competed in some matches as a novice for about a year but recently his eyes at age 62 have gotten worse and he now has cancer and is going through chemo and his eyes have gotten even worse recently, to the point that last time he shot he was shooting all over a human size target at 7 yards……so we went to the range yesterday….he shot 200 rounds with the ATS…he loved the sights, can see them and was able, after a couple of mags, to keep 9/10 and 10/10 on a paper plate at 7 yards pretty consistantly. So there you have it…..thanks again!!!”

– Chris

May 2011: “Thanks for the M&P Advantage sights that you sent me a few weeks ago. I installed them on my M&P 9mm Compact over Easter, and found that no front sight shims were needed to zero them dead on at 15 yards with the Speer 124 Gold Dot Short Barrel +P load I favor. I mentioned that to you in an earlier email. They also shot so close to the POA with other loads that I was confident enough to shoot them in an 80+ shooter IDPA match in Jacksonville, FL on 7 May.. (www. firstcoastidpa.com) . I wouldn’t normally shoot the compact in a match in preference to my full-sized match gun, but this was a sub-gun match that required a legal IDPA BUG gun, but was not a strict BUG stage. It was a full match, with reloads, swinging targets, targets beyond 15 yards, etc. Basically a IDPA match shot with a legal BUG. You asked me to let you know “how the sights worked out for me”, so here it is.

There were five stages in the match and on the first two I shot I was being conservative and getting used to the sights under buzzer induced pressure. On those first two (of the five stages in the match) I finished 3rd in both stages out of 80+ shooters. I got very confident and stopped being conservative… I just went with the flow at max speed and I won the last three stages… and High Overall… and was second in the Accuracy category with just three down points for the entire match. The shooter who won the Most Accurate award took his time, was one down, but finished 40+ seconds behind me.

Those sights kicked Butt! My shooting partner, Mas Ayoob, also shot a full-sized gun in a previous match… did very well, and loved them. But, I wasn’t confident enough after his performance to think about putting them on one of my full-sized match guns.

I am now. Question: What would be my price for a M&P red front sight, and a M&P rear sight with a yellow insert installed. I need nothing else. I have shims that were not used from in the first M&P kit you sent me. I just want a red (not orange) front sight and a yellow rear. That’s the same set up I have on the M&P compact. I will put these on my 4.5-inch barrel M&P .45 ACP CDP gun and shoot them in sanctioned matches, as well as local club matches. Please let me know my price for those two items, because as smoothly and instinctively as the sights on the compact gun worked, I know they will be just fine on the .45.

BTW… both Mas and I favor the red front sight with the yellow rear. Our eyes seem to see that well, and quickly. Just a thought…. but we have Coral Snakes (very venomous snake with a venom much like Cobra venom) in this part of the country; brightly colored with red, yellow and black bands. We also have Scarlet King Snakes (non-venomous), with the same colored bands. But, the bands are different. On a Coral Snake the yellow bands touch the red bands, on the King Snake the black bands touch the red bands. It is confusing, but an old Southern ditty explains how to tell them apart “Red touch yellow kill a fellow, red touch black friend of Jack”. Could be why Mas and I both favor red/yellow sight combos.”

– Chris Christian, Contributing Editor: SHOT Business & Outdoor Life magazines

May 2011: “Wow! just finishing a weeklong NRA Police Firearms Instructors course using these on a Glock 21 and a Remington 11/87 and they were flawless.They made the qualifacations a breeze , even the night fire! Firing the shotgun course with slugs was awsome ,ONE BIG HOLE. Loving these sights!”

– Mike Williamson

April 2011: “I received the sights and put them on a M&P 9mm compact. FYI, I did not require any of the front sight shims to put 124 grain 9mm +P Speer Gold Dot (my preferred load for that gun) right to POA at 15 yards… where I had that gun previously sighted. The bare front sight was close enough. That may change with the longer barrel M&Ps and with other calibers.”

“Another point that I may not have mentioned to you in the past, but could be important for you to know is: even though I am a IDPA Master, I cannot shoot a match with my fiber optic conventional sights using my regular “street” eyeglasses. I have sets of “computer distance” shooting glasses made up that focus on the front sight. Without those glasses I cannot focus on the front sight. With the Advantage Tactical Sights I can see the sights and shoot accurately with my street glasses, and that’s the reason I have them on my two carry guns (the 9mmC and the G29). It’s something that older shooters & aging eyes (mine are 61 years old) should be aware of, and might be a selling point for you. To me, they are outstanding CCW sights!”

– Former military and private contractor small arms instructor; IDPA Master Class shooter. Chris Christian

April 2011: “What a great product, I feel you made the Advantage Tactical Sights just for me. I’m 70 & I can see them. I call them my OLD MAN sights. I tell my Old friends these are better than sliced bread. The Advantage tactical sights make it a lot easier for Old eyes to see and because of that my accuracy has greatly improved. Thank you again.”

– Jim in CA

December 2010: “The two sets I just purchased from you are actually my second and third sets. I purchased a set for my Gen 3 Glock approx 1 year ago and found that it contributed greatly to my ability to shoot much tighter groups than with standard three dot sights. So much so I’m going to try to convert all my handguns over so as to keep things as similar as possible. In fact my hope is that you expand your line up so that I can convert all my non optic weapons to your triangular sight picture. This includes my AK’s, which for me, are in dire need of better “iron sights”. Also, while I like H&K, CZ and 1911 pistols better than Glocks or Sigs, a major reason I carry a Glock is due to your sight system.”

– Justin in UT

December 2010: “I have always been very mediocre handgun shooter, but the biggest part of that problem is that I have never felt that 3 dot sights were for me (rifle or handgun). There seems to be far too much room for error with those since so much of the sight covers your target. Sometimes you have to cover the POI, sometimes it is just below… way to subjective for my taste. When I read about the ATS it just made perfect sense to me and I just HAD to try them. Putting the top of the pyramid precisely where you want POI with full adjustability and high visibility, now THAT all sounded like the way to go. To my mind (as a scoped rifle shooter) this is the way to dial in your POI. I am still not the best marksman with a handgun, but with these sights I am much better and WAY faster back on target. I am really pleased with these, to the point that any future handgun purchases will be based on IF there are ATS currently available for the particular model that I am looking at! That being said I am not so sure I need to stray away from the XDM line of handguns… They have treated me very well and with the ATS it just gets better! Lastly a big reason I wanted these is that without my contacts in, I am very unsure of my aim with 3 dot sights and we all know that you have to be prepared for any situation. I tried these at the range recently with and without contacts and was very impressed, they really are all that I had hoped they would be! Thanks for a great product and excellent customer support, from a very satisfied customer.”

– Chuck in AR

“WOW!! I just put the sight on my Glock 24 and it was fast and easy to install with no modifications. I would highly recomend these sights for anyone who wants to improve their shooting skills. Thank you very much for a good quality product that works.”

– Philip in VA

“I have my concealed carry license. I’ve been owning, collecting and shooting pistols for over 40 years. My eyes have Myopia, Presbyopia and have Astigmatism. I was born with only 1 hand, ending at the wrist, and previously had trouble safely racking the slide to chamber a round. I realize you made these sights for tactical purposes as in when one hand is “busy“ holding a doorknob/flashlight/injured or putting pressure on a wound so as not to bleed out; so that one could still rack the slide on a corner or a holster or belt or shoe sole to clear a jam or replace magazines etc., but I wanted to thank you on behalf of all the visually impaired one-handed people for making this fantastic set of sights we can use. I bought them for my Glock 19, Glock 26, Glock 27 and installed them myself and used the spacers and laser sighted them in and couldn’t be happier with the results. Sight acquisition is phenomenally fast in all lighting conditions. As an added bonus, I noticed the tapered sides on the rear sight is more comfortable than any other sights as others have sharp corners that dig into my skin or holster while wearing my gun concealed. I’ll be buying many more. Thank you again.”

– Ron in Texas

“I’ve enjoyed using the sight immensely, and I and my staff have used it with great accuracy as far out as 100 yards on 10 steel plates. I constantly get questions about it as I travel throughout the state.“

– Sgt. Garrett Fiveash, Georgia State Patrol Training Division

“Unbelievable sights…I have 20/600 vision in both eyes and can still see them without glasses – perfect for home defense on my XD subcompact.“

– J. Kallaher, in Florida

“First, I just went WOW; your sights are incredible. I have been around rifles all my life but I am a beginner in the handgun world. I have a Springfield XD and I was having all kinds of problems with the factory white dot iron sights. I started getting very frustrated with my poor marksmenship when firing a handgun. I even got to the point where I thought it was my gun and not my shooting. I just couldn’t get my eyes focused on the front sight for line up. On a man-sized target I was shooting all over the place and there was no consistent group or pattern. That has all changed now. I can’t beleive the difference and how the ATS has improved my shooting. I also noticed that the ATS was able to help me line up to the target better and I was able to identify flaws in my shooting. The 1st 25 yards were in a fair group but the group itself was a little low. With the ATS I was able to notice that I was jerking the trigger which caused my gun to dip slightly. I was able to learn from this situation and correct what I was doing. I have now put 2000 rounds through my XD and I have never shot so well. You guys have an incredible sight system and I am looking forward to seeing your next creation.“

– Jopsh P., in Richmond, VA

“I recently purchased an Advantage Tactical Sight set and I must tell you that they increased my accuracy so much that I was amazed, as were the guys that I shoot with. Congratulations on an outstanding product. I am a very satisfied customer.“

– Robert L., in Arizona

“I just wanted you to know what I thought of the Advantage Tactical sights I recently ordered. I was hoping that they would do what your advertisement said they would, as my eyes are getting older and I was having trouble focusing on normal sights. Tough to get old! I am pretty handy with tools and I’ve worked on many guns in my time so I did not hesitate to install them myself. As I was learning to install them, I realized that a lot of thought went into these sights and I started liking them and couldn’t wait to see if they worked. I then had to decide which colors to use which for my carry gun needed to be at least visible in low light. I laid the color inserts on my table and turned off the lights. The only light in the room was through closed blinds and the colors that stood out the most were the ones I used. Orange for the front and green for the rear. I really liked these sights as soon as I held the slide up to see if they were going to help my sight situation. I was able to instantly see the triangle and the target at the same time. It was effortless. I kept picking a target at different distances and it was as if I didn’t even have to think about my sights and I was able to complete the triangle in a moment. I was really impressed now. As soon as I was able to put the old glock together I headed to the range to see how they would shoot and to adjust them of course. They worked exactly as you stated they would and they have solved my problem of not being able to focus on my sights and target at the same time. I am so pleased with these sights that I just had to let you know. I was kind of surprised that I had to use all the shims on the front sight. Perhaps it is just the ammunition that I use but it did work for that ammo so it’s not a problem. I was getting nervous when I put the last shim in but it was on the money so I felt relieved that I didn’t need another shim. I used locktight for the final assembly and everything seems to be good. I showed these sights to some of my “older” friends and they were impressed, too. As soon as I they try my sights out at the range, I think that they will be ordering them, too. I know they will ask me to install them but I know all about them now so I won’t mind. Once again, I thank you for a fine product that does what you say it will and for solving a serious problem for me. Perhaps you could add something to your advertisement about the Advantage Tactical Sights being perfect for people who cannot focus near and far at the same time, so more old guys will be inclined to try them.“

– James Stapay – in Indiana

“I have been using your sights for a full season in IDPA and USPSA and believe you have “come up with a better mouse trap”. My results have been excellent up close and out to 50 yards. My Comp-Tac holsters have worked well with the ATS.“

– Terry W. Grau, NRA Instructor Certified Pistol, USPSA Limited/Senior, IDPA Enhanced Service Pistol/Senior

“I love your Advantage Tactical Sight. The first three shot group I shot with the ATS measured 0.375 inches center to center. That was at 25 yards using a two-hand hold. WOW! This target hangs above my reloading bench. Whenever I practice or compete, the ATS draws shooters over to look at it. Many shooters ask if they can point my ATS Glock 17 down range to see/check out the sight picture. They all enjoyed the green rear sight & red front sight combination I am using. I enjoy the attention. OK, I enjoy the attention that your sights provide. Five or six times I was asked if the sights were fluorescent. Last night we were shooting plates until the brass was hard to see on the ground. The ATS was very visible to my old eyes. Thank you.“

– Frank – In Colorado

“When I received my first Advantage Tactical Sight, I installed it on my Glock 34. I went right out and competed in “production” class at a USPSA match in Richmond, California. I like it very much. I was out shooting almost everyone, including most of the limited and many of the open shooters. I currently compete with the ATS on my Glock pistols and my Smith & Wesson Revolvers.“

– John Bagakis, Action Shooting Competitor, Master Class

“I was comfortable with the Advantage Tactical Sight right away. The ATS will make the average shooter a good shooter and more confident in one’s abilities. The ATS is currently on my Glock 21 duty gun and my Glock 23 off duty gun .“

– Joe Hall, Senior Corporal, Palos Verdes Estates Police Dept., California
Entry Team Leader / Swat Team Member / Canine Handler / FBI Swat School Graduate / Distinguished Expert (the only Palos Verdes police office with this Classification) / Warrant Officer, 40th Infantry Division, Provost Marshal

“I’ve worked very hard to achieve my successes in action shooting. I’ve spent considerable time experimenting and learning what worked and didn’t work for me. I’ve have become very discerning in the techniques I’ve acquired and the equipment I use, both in competition and on the job. I carry the Advantage Tactical Sight on my duty gun. When I was first introduced to the ATS, I quickly realized that I could see more of the target in comparison to traditional sights. Sight acquisition with the ATS is almost too easy. You really don’t have to think about it. Fellow officers saw mine and tried it and now those officers are currently carrying the ATS on their duty weapons .“

– Juan Hernandez, Law Enforcement, Action Shooting Competitor
Master Class Shooter, ICORE / Top 10 Overall in several Matches, Early 1990’s – Int. Revolver Competition – Morro Bay, CA / 4th, 5th and 6th place Overall, Late 1990’s into 2000 – Int. Revolver Competition – Morro Bay, CA


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