Testimonials From Professional Shooters

“I am now shooting IDPA and USPSA. Your sights are a real advantage. I was never a big “sight-guy” in combat (I’m a retired Marine) nor in concealed carry. But in the world of IDPA/USPSA shooting, you can’t top your product.”

— Christopher, Major, USMC retired

“Thank you to Advantage Tactical Sight for creating the fastest target acquiring sights on the market. It’s so easy to find that big triangle on the front when you’re running the gun fast. Thank you for creating such a unique sighting system, I love it and have been using them on my competition guns for a few years now. Outstanding product!”

— Sean


“I just wanted to let you know that, although it took me awhile to get your Clock sights zeroed and to get used to them, they’ve made an AMAZING difference in my shooting. My vision is such that without my glasses I can barely focus on my front sight but can see enough of the target to get a good sight picture. With my glasses, I can see the target well but can’t focus on the front sight at all. Your sights are big enough and fluorescent enough that without my glasses, they’re very usable. My shooting has gotten much better. I now wholeheartedly recommend your sights to shooters with aging vision.”

Just wanted to give you some feedback!

– John, CA (Medical Doctor)

“For me, the question was answered. Advantage sights definitely are an advantage…“

– Read Massad Ayoob’s entire review of the ATS system in the April 2009 issue of Guns Magazine. Click here.

May 2011: “Thanks for the M&P Advantage sights that you sent me a few weeks ago. I installed them on my M&P 9mm Compact over Easter, and found that no front sight shims were needed to zero them dead on at 15 yards with the Speer 124 Gold Dot Short Barrel +P load I favor. I mentioned that to you in an earlier email. They also shot so close to the POA with other loads that I was confident enough to shoot them in an 80+ shooter IDPA match in Jacksonville, FL on 7 May.. (www. firstcoastidpa.com) . I wouldn’t normally shoot the compact in a match in preference to my full-sized match gun, but this was a sub-gun match that required a legal IDPA BUG gun, but was not a strict BUG stage. It was a full match, with reloads, swinging targets, targets beyond 15 yards, etc. Basically a IDPA match shot with a legal BUG. You asked me to let you know “how the sights worked out for me”, so here it is.”

“There were five stages in the match and on the first two I shot I was being conservative and getting used to the sights under buzzer induced pressure. On those first two (of the five stages in the match) I finished 3rd in both stages out of 80+ shooters. I got very confident and stopped being conservative… I just went with the flow at max speed and I won the last three stages… and High Overall… and was second in the Accuracy category with just three down points for the entire match. The shooter who won the Most Accurate award took his time, was one down, but finished 40+ seconds behind me.”

“Those sights kicked Butt! My shooting partner, Mas Ayoob, also shot a full-sized gun in a previous match… did very well, and loved them. But, I wasn’t confident enough after his performance to think about putting them on one of my full-sized match guns.”

“I am now. Question: What would be my price for a M&P red front sight, and a M&P rear sight with a yellow insert installed. I need nothing else. I have shims that were not used from in the first M&P kit you sent me. I just want a red (not orange) front sight and a yellow rear. That’s the same set up I have on the M&P compact. I will put these on my 4.5-inch barrel M&P .45 ACP CDP gun and shoot them in sanctioned matches, as well as local club matches. Please let me know my price for those two items, because as smoothly and instinctively as the sights on the compact gun worked, I know they will be just fine on the .45.”

“BTW… both Mas and I favor the red front sight with the yellow rear. Our eyes seem to see that well, and quickly. Just a thought…. but we have Coral Snakes (very venomous snake with a venom much like Cobra venom) in this part of the country; brightly colored with red, yellow and black bands. We also have Scarlet King Snakes (non-venomous), with the same colored bands. But, the bands are different. On a Coral Snake the yellow bands touch the red bands, on the King Snake the black bands touch the red bands. It is confusing, but an old Southern ditty explains how to tell them apart “Red touch yellow kill a fellow, red touch black friend of Jack”. Could be why Mas and I both favor red/yellow sight combos.”

– Chris Christian, Contributing Editor: SHOT Business & Outdoor Life magazines

“I have been using your sights for a full season in IDPA and USPSA and believe you have “come up with a better mouse trap”. My results have been excellent up close and out to 50 yards. My Comp-Tac holsters have worked well with the ATS.“

– Terry W. Grau, NRA Instructor Certified Pistol, USPSA Limited/Senior, IDPA Enhanced Service Pistol/Senior

April 2011: “I received the sights and put them on a M&P 9mm compact. FYI, I did not require any of the front sight shims to put 124 grain 9mm +P Speer Gold Dot (my preferred load for that gun) right to POA at 15 yards… where I had that gun previously sighted. The bare front sight was close enough. That may change with the longer barrel M&Ps and with other calibers.”

“Another point that I may not have mentioned to you in the past, but could be important for you to know is: even though I am a IDPA Master, I cannot shoot a match with my fiber optic conventional sights using my regular “street” eyeglasses. I have sets of “computer distance” shooting glasses made up that focuss on the front sight. Without those glasses I cannot focus on the front sight. With the Advantage Tactical Sights I can see the sights and shoot accurately with my street glasses, and that’s the reason I have them on my two carry guns (the 9mmC and the G29). It’s something that older shooters & aging eyes (mine are 61 years old) should be aware of, and might be a selling point for you. To me, they are outstanding CCW sights!”

– Former military and private contractor small arms instructor; IDPA Master Class shooter. Chris Christian


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