Testimonials From Law Enforcement

Read Massad Ayoob’s entire review of the ATS system in the April 2009 issue of Guns Magazine. Click here.

“May 2012: Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Advantage Tactical Sights. I have one on my glock 19 9mm and I liked it so much, I also put a set on my glock 19 .22LR conversion kit made by Advantage Arms. This allows me to get a lot more trigger time during my practice sessions by shooting with the .22 long rifle cartridges than what I could afford to shoot in 9mm ammo.”

“Last week, I took my 9 year old daughter, Taylor, to the range with me so she could get in a practice session with her crickett .22 rifle. After we got there and finished setting up, she asked me if she could try and shoot my glock with the .22 conversion kit? So I showed her how to grip the weapon properly and to see if she could even reach the trigger on it with her small hands. I explained to Taylor that for the sight picture, all she had to do was complete the pyramid using the front and rear sight of the ATS and the bullet would strike at the tip of the pyramid. She got her stance and sight alignment and fired off the first round at a 12″x 12″ steel plate 15 yards away…ping (it was a hit !). second shot…ping (hit), third shot…ping (hit). The fourth, fifth, and sixth shots she missed because she started peaking trying to see where the bullet was going to hit instead of holding her form/followthru. I reminded her to watch her front sight and pay attention to her sight alignment. Shots 7,8, 9, and 10 were all hits. Not bad at all for a 9year old little girl in 3rd grade!”

Sam S., Texas – Corrections officer, Federal Bureau of Prisons and former member of the Emergency Response Team

“I’ve enjoyed using the sight immensely, and I and my staff have used it with great accuracy as far out as 100 yards on 10 steel plates. I constantly get questions about it as I travel throughout the state.“

Sgt. Garrett Fiveash, Georgia State Patrol Training Division

“I was comfortable with the Advantage Tactical Sight right away. The ATS will make the average shooter a good shooter and more confident in one’s abilities. The ATS is currently on my Glock 21 duty gun and my Glock 23 off duty gun .“

Joe Hall, Senior Corporal, Palos Verdes Estates Police Dept., California
Entry Team Leader / Swat Team Member / Handler / FBI Swat School Graduate / Distinguished Expert (the only Palos Verdes police office with this Classification) / Warrant Officer, 40th Infantry Division, Provost Marshal

“I’ve worked very hard to achieve my successes in action shooting. I’ve spent considerable time experimenting and learning what worked and didn’t work for me. I’ve have become very discerning in the techniques I’ve acquired and the equipment I use, both in competition and on the job. I carry the Advantage Tactical Sight on my duty gun. When I was first introduced to the ATS, I quickly realized that I could see more of the target in comparison to traditional sights. Sight acquisition with the ATS is almost too easy. You really don’t have to think about it. Fellow officers saw mine and tried it and now those officers are currently carrying the ATS on their duty weapons .“

Juan Hernandez, Law Enforcement, Action Shooting Competitor
Master Class Shooter, ICORE / Top 10 Overall in several Matches, Early 1990’s – Int. Revolver Competition – Morro Bay, CA / 4th, 5th and 6th place Overall, Late 1990’s into 2000 – Int. Revolver Competition – Morro Bay, CA


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