Testimonials From Customers

“Took the sights out for a test at the range the other day and made the mistake of having the orange front and rear sights. Needless to say it was difficult to tell the difference. I made the change of the rear insert to green and took it out this afternoon to our club’s pistol league shoot and was blown away. It felt a little weird at first but was easy to get use to. I’m ecstatic at how much more accurate and faster I was. Thanks Richard”

— Richard (MI)

“I recently fitted ATS sights to my Kimber 1911 using the Firefly as the front sight. This was done as a “last ditch stand” against the onslaught of macular degeneration, which has destroyed the central vision of both my eyes.”

“My Kimber came with Meprolite night sights but these and all other so called illuminated sights became invisible to me. I am delighted to say that your ATS Firefly has given me a new lease on my shooting life.”

“Given a quick charge with my tactical flashlight it is visible enough to enable me to place all shots into critical areas on a silhouette target at normal defensive distances. Please accept my sincere appreciation for this excellent and truly revolutionary product.”

— Sincerely, Hugh


I just installed the sights on my Gen 4 G23 rather than the Gen 3 G31 as I had planned. I didn’t want to deal with the staked front on the Gen 3 and wasn’t sure if your sight would work properly in the larger hole.
I started with the tan shim under the green/yellow front and the red/pink/coral colored rear. One small windage adjustment and I put the whole magazine in an 8” square steel target at 40+ yards. I can’t saw I was any better at the closer plates but I don’t remember ever going 10 for 10 at the long range target with this pistol before today.
Sighting into a dark basement after exposure to sunlight was like having a large dim bulb on the end of the slide. Your front sight has so much more area than a regular fiber optic or anything else for that matter that getting on target in a close range high stress situation should be very easy. I had thought the rear was also going to be illuminated and this was a real disappointment for me. I would have traded all the extra sights in the package for one rear sight that glows in the dark. As I look out a window into a shaded area in daylight in an unlit room the sights appear fuzzy to my 63 year old eyes but as I look out a window on another wall into the sunlight the sights appear black but it is very easy to create the pyramid shape.
In summary I’d say that I will always be much more accurate with my red dot sights but for a daily carry gun this is a very useful sighting alternative to, and in some ways an improvement on tritium sights. In daylight tritium is no where near as effective as the ATS sights and at new night tritium sights are very good (and the rear lights up) but get much less so with age. Combined with my Crimson Trace laser I feel that my Glock and I are well prepared for any sort of vermin or varmint, day or night.”

— Regards Bob (CA)

“Dear Sir,
Love the COSUB sight. Works great as my primary sight in competition, in less than 100 yard matches. I shoot some matches with both distances over 400 yards and as close as 10 feet. I would like to use the COSUB as my secondary sight for the close range targets. I mount it on a 45 degree angle at the front of my handguard (due to location of scope). With no shims, my hits are 2.5” high. Shims are only going to make my hits even higher.”

— Craig (Oak Valley Ranch, LLC)

“Dear Sir,
Love the COSUB sight. Works great as my primary sight in competition, in less than 100 yard matches. I shoot some matches with both distances over 400 yards and as close as 10 feet. I would like to use the COSUB as my secondary sight for the close range targets. I mount it on a 45 degree angle at the front of my handguard (due to location of scope). With no shims, my hits are 2.5” high. Shims are only going to make my hits even higher.”

— Craig, NV

“Just received my sight today. Just wanted to say how great this sight is! Put it on my pistol this afternoon and did some shooting, I love it.”

— William, TX

“I came across Advantage Tactical while searching for replacement sights to install on my newly purchased, first handgun. I have always been pretty good with the standard 3 dot sights that I have only ever used or seen on other handguns. I looked at tritium, fiber optic, tritium fiber optic, post and dot, all of which seemed redundant. I was leaning toward the diamond shaped sights because of the simplicity and accuracy of the alignment due to the points on the diamonds, but it still seemed like a 3 dot sight with different shapes. The biggest selling point of the Advantage Tactical Sight was the open nature of the point of impact area. The tip of the pyramid is very unobtrusive to the sight picture, allowing more of the target to be viewed. Even without using them, it made perfect sense that the speed of the target acquisition would be vastly improved. After using the sights, this was confirmed and 8 # groups at 25 yards is highly acceptable. Thank you very much.”

— Joe, MI

“I have a lot of gun projects going at one time. It’s my hobby. I have your site on 3 glocks a 23, 27 and a 34 right now. I am getting older and the stock 3 post sites were starting to make me look like a rookie shooter but, with your sights, it’s like I’m 18 again. Everything hits in the 10 ring. I’m also nailing 4” clay pigeons hung on a rope @ 15 yards rapidly with no problem. The young guys say “dude can you teach me how to shoot like that. ”

— Rob, AZ

“Thanks for the fast shipping. I just got the new sights in the mail and tried them out on Lee’s G43. We are amazed at how good they are on a brand new pistol. They make us look like real shooters. I would be more than honored to have you use my comments on your Fb post. We love your sights. ”

— Bruce Rutherford

“Put the sights on a Glock 19 and range tested it – what a difference!! Wish I had found your guys sooner. The M&P is next and I have no doubts it will be just as good. Will order more after Labor Day – looking forward to the CZ offering. Thanks again, Richard. ”

— Bart, PA

“Holy cow. Ordered Sunday. Shipped Monday. Arrived & installed at the dining table Wednesday. Took to the range tonight. Dang. I purchased because of my “geezer eyes.” First 15 shots. I’m sold. I missed out on the mil/LE discount, because I didn’t know to ask. Worth it to me nonetheless. Felt like heresy taking off stock sights. I’ve gotten past it. Rapidly. Great customer service from Richard.”

— Jim, VA

“I am a returning customer. I installed ATS on all my handguns. I have poor vision. Your products are the best sights that I have ever used for my eyes. I first learned about ATS, just by doing a Google search for hi vis sights. Thank you for your hard work and ingenuity.”

— Brent, AZ

“I just put 200 rounds through my M&P9C equipped with your sight (orange front, yellow rear). I admit I was very skeptical about these sights in the beginning. After I installed them myself, I thought these can not be very accurate. Man was I wrong. They are easier to pick up quickly and are even more accurate than the three dots. I practiced quick draws from concealment and I was right on target every time, the double taps were faster and more accurate than ever before. Sometimes you have to break out of the box to find the better alternative, and that is what you have done with these fantastic sights. I plan to purchase more for my PPQ and VP9 and then continue with the rest of the herd.”

— Roger, TX

“I bought your sight for my G35 about 18 months ago. Have missed placed the inserts and wanted a new set. Love your sight! And almost all that see it and then aim with it all have the same reaction. WoW! That’s easy. And you can see so much more. Thanks”

— Ron, TX

“My Father and I started shooting Glock’s GSSF matches a couple years ago though my father was really struggling with his eye sight as he is 70 years old. At our second or third match we met a gentleman using your sights and we had to ask questions, he let us handle his Glock for a bit and really encouraged us to give them a try especially with Dad’s eyes. We bought a set for my father’s Glock 19 within a week. He later won a Glock 34 on a random drawing; he liked the sights so much we bought another set. I just purchased a Glock 22 and instantly order your sights for it before I even shot the pistol for the first time. Many folks have inquired about the sights on our pistols and our comments are always the same as we love them, I dare say you have had a few more sales from our use of these sights in competition. So far your sights have dramatically increase our ability shoot accurately at the 25 yard targets in GSSF, with the stock sight the longer distance targets were always a problem as the “dot” covered half the target. Using the tip of the triangle has made a distinct improvement in our ability to shoot accurate and fast. Thanks for this product!”

— Aaron, USAF Reserve

“Since late last year I have had Tactical Advantage sights on my S&W M&P 40 I use for IDPA. It has helped my 69 year old eyes find the sights and the target and I am shooting better. Every time I shoot an IDPA event, I am asked to demonstrate / show my Tactical Advantage sights. To me, they are better than any of the other non-notch-post sight system I have been shown.”

— Donald, CO

“Thanks for your kindness.

My buddy told me about your sites. We are telling anybody who will listen about them. The first time I picked them up in a casual competition with my Glock 19 the speed and accuracy improvements were astounding without even practicing! Read your whole article on how you developed them and found your background and the process fascinating. Great work. Thanks again,”

— Jack

“First, I have my sights installed on my M&P 40c, I really love them. I’ve never cared for the notch & post sights. I’m left handed and cross eye dominant. I also have an astigmatism in my right eye so that also complicates things. Your sights appear (no pun intended) to have cleared things up for me. I will be recommending this sight to every firearm owner I know. I’m more impressed with the sight now that it’s actually on my handgun. I can’t wait to get them on my 12ga. I believe I saw your ad in “AMERICAN HANDGUNNER”. I also do a lot of reading online, looking for interesting gun things.
Another comment I have is that the machining and injection/ molding quality is excellent. I work for a company that supplies the U.S. Gov’t (and other Countries) contractors with RF waveguide components. I feel privileged just too finally have instinctual gun sights. Again, thank you”

— Pete

“Had the sights installed on my American Tactical FX45-K; burned 80 rounds at Elk Castle today, I could not be happier. I can easily see the front sight on target and pick up the rear sight confirmation of my sight picture. Now I need to study my geometry and pull my groups a little bit tighter. I am a both eyes open, front sight, body mass shooter. The results today were outstanding and something I can build on. Thanks so much for the ATS sight system, I love it.”

— Chip

“I’ve been using the Advantage Tactical Sights for about a month now and have witnessed a significant improvement in target acquisition, sight focus, and shooting speed. Last night my friend and I set up a Steel Challenge course with my 10” targets. I was amazed at my speed in one-timing the targets. 5 targets at 10-15 yards with an average speed of 7.16, with 3 runs below 4.5 seconds – 0 misses. Not world class, but much better than I expected. Very satisfied is an understatement!”

Thanks for a great product!

Tom, TN

“First, I have my sights installed on my M&P 40c, I really love them. I’ve never cared for the notch & post sights. I’m left handed and cross eye dominant. I also have an astigmatism in my right eye so that also complicates things. Your sights appear (no pun intended) to have cleared things up for me. I will be recommending this sight to every firearm owner I know. I’m more impressed with the sight now that it’s actually on my handgun. I can’t wait to get them on my 12ga. I believe I saw your ad in “AMERICAN HANDGUNNER”. I also do a lot of reading online, looking for interesting gun things. – Peter, MA”

“Richard, thank you for the shipping notification. I have had your sights on my G20 for three years now. I originally was looking for anything that would help me see the sights without reading glasses. I was looking at the “big dot” and shallow v rear or aperture rear or even a small red dot sight but nothing stood out to me as effective and slim. Tritium has proven ineffective over long periods as they dim after only a few years. In my search on line I came across a reference to your web site. I thought that the design was truly innovative and well thought out. This was worthy of spending some money to test. I bought a set from Rock Your Glock.com and installed them.

I use white front and yellow rear for the best low light visibility with some color separation. When I first used them I was not consistent in my groups or point of impact. I emailed someone at ATS, probably you, and was instructed to look at the target and not the sights as in traditional iron sights and also to practice picturing the proper visual that the sights should give. These tips helped and with practice I have come to really enjoy them as accurate and consistent. My best shot so far using the ATS sights was lasered at 261 yards at a white patch of rock about 1 foot across. My fourth shot in front of witnesses hit the patch dead on. This with my G20. Two rifle shooters came close but were unable to actually hit the rock. We were all impressed!

I am ordering the new white front sight and extra screws and shims because I was at the range just a few days ago and when I drew my G20 (my EDC) the front sight was now a bare screw… Oops. I shot once just to see if it would work and the shot struck 5 inches straight high at 25 yards. The barrel kept the screw in the slide. Some how I let the sight get loose enough to fall off without noticing. Not only will I locktite the sight on but I will also pay attention from now on.

Hope this information helps. BTW when people see the ATS sights at gun shows or the range they are always interested and ask questions. Sincerely, – Steve, WA”

“Went to the range today with my new sight system from Advantage Tactical including the Fire Fly I just received. I absolutely love (can I use this word without showing weakness?) this sight system. I have spent hundreds in trying sight systems that will work in bright daylight, dim-poor lighting and no light. This is in-fact the best I have found. I have over 50 eyes with perfect vision down range but can’t read up-close. I was able to quickly acclimate to the system for very nice grouping from 3-18 meters single shot, double tap and 2+1 shooting. As a small arms instructor I will be recommending this system. I order another system for my new Glock 30s today. Thanks! – Kyle, TX

“Thx. I saw them on a gun that a guy was using at our local range. He let me try them and I not only shot better, but I could see the sights. At 59, my vision isn’t the best. Had no problem seeing these through the target. Thought I’d give them a try before I buy more. I need about 4 or 5 sights in other guns that have the black on black sights that I just can’t see. – Glen, AL”

“I don’t think I would be shooting anymore if I didn’t have your sights.  I had several different sights on my pistols, but they were inadequate due to my progressing cataracts.  I had new lenses put in about the time I discovered your sights, and it made it easier to adjust my new lenses, until I started having constant watering in my right (shooting) eye.  Your sights allowed me to still score respectable hits on my targets, despite the blurriness that I had to aim through.  I have used dozens of eye applications to try to solve the problem, but to no avail.  I recently had the ophthalmologist look at my eye again, and she found an occlusion behind my lens, which she will remove with a laser on Dec. 4, then all should be fine.  I have the firefly front sight on all of the pistols, since they came out, and the only complaint I have is that the green or yellow colors seem to make the point at the top of the pyramid seems to disappear in the bright desert light that I shoot in.  Of course, I realize that my current vision probably is the cause, more than the color.  I did think that it might help me if I put a thin black line on the edges of the pyramid, to define the top of the pyramid.  I have decided to wait until after my operation to see if I will have trouble with the point of the pyramid when my eyesight will be normal.  As it currently is, I have still made some amazing shots under stress conditions while training.  Your sights will be on my weapons forever!  Thanks for your innovation!”

 —Don M.    

“Sorry, wanted to shoot the GLOCK 36 with the ATS sight one more time before responding. It ‘works’ for me. Have not tried the 45 ACP at a longer distance yet. The only ‘issue’ I had was with the installation.  Front Sight bolt did not accommodate the close tolerances of my G-36. Most people @ the range seem ‘intimidated’ by the ‘OUT of the NORM’ sight picture. Still learning.”
JcH (November 2014)
Richard Nasef’s Response: “JC, yes, on some 36’s (not all, for some reason), our screw head is a little thick for the space between the barrel and the slide. In that case, one needs to stone the screw a little for a better fit. This is only so with some 36’s.” As for the intimidation factor, once those guys try it, they’ll be believers, too. Before actually using the sight, I always ask a new ATS user to visualize the sight picture with closed eyes. After that, the ATS user is usually good. Once the brain acclimates/learns, most will shoot better than they did with traditional sights. Science is on the side of the ATS.”

Richard (ATS)

“It’s working great! A lot better than the 3 dot sights that came with the gun I put it on. As we age, our eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be. Everyone I’ve shown the sights too (mostly old guys like me) like them. Hopefully you’ll be getting some orders.”

Rod (November 2014)

“I just wanted to tell you that I used your sights on my Glock Mod 34 at the annual GSSF match in Hallsville,Mo., and I placed in the top third in the competition division ! Something I could not have done without your sights ! As a retired LEO,I wish I had your sights on my other guns ! Thanks so much !”

Kip H.

“When I received my first Advantage Tactical Sight, I installed it on my Glock 34. I went right out and competed in “production” class at a USPSA match in Richmond, California. I like it very much. I was out shooting almost everyone, including most of the limited and many of the open shooters. I currently compete with the ATS on my Glock pistols and my Smith & Wesson Revolvers.“

John Bagakis, Action Shooting Competitor, Master Class

“For me, the question was answered. Advantage sights definitely are an advantage…“

Read Massad Ayoob’s entire review of the ATS system in the April 2009 issue of Guns Magazine. Click here.

October 2012: “Hello Richard, first I want apologize for the delay in responding to your email, I recently purchased my first handgun. Furthermore, I recently retired from my third career as a network administrator for twenty years, before that I was an Otis Elevator mechanic for ten years, was an open wheel race car driver for twenty years and a glider pilot for two years.

To answer you as to how I found your company, well I have never jumped into anything that is associated with danger alone and have followed this motto for most of my life “There are some mistakes that the word sorry does not cover”, so I contacted an old high school friend with years of police and tactical experience. He took me to the Usery Shooting Range in Mesa AZ where I tried four different makes and caliber handguns. I settled on the Glock 22 .40 cal. My friend’s Glock had the same sights that I purchased from you. I am pleased to tell you that your gun sight greatly improved my accuracy and whenever I purchase another handgun I will be placing another order from your company. I have installed the sight I purchased from you and it works well even though I am still an amateur Advantage Tactical Sight has helped me in this new sport. Thank you!”

Joseph, C. in Arizona

“September 2012: Hi Richard, I’ve been shooting for about 20 yrs for fun, but a couple of years ago got more serious about it and just this summer tried Bowling Pin Shooting. What a fun, friendly competition! But, alas, like many older shooters, my eyes are not what they used to be. It’s been very frustrating, so I thought about changing out my factory sights in my Glock 17. So I did a lot of research on- line and read lots of cutomer reviews. There are so many options out there that’s it’s just overwhelming. But when I checked your web sight, I was pretty sure I had found the right sights. Thanks so much for posting the customer reviews. They were the deciding factor in purchasing the Advantage Tactical Sight. I can’t wait to get them. And I feel confident that they will improve my accuracy and target acquisition.”


“June 2012: My IDPA accuracy was much, much better with the ATS sights installed on the Glock. I cleaned a stage zero down for the first time in well over a year of shooting IDPA, taking only 9 points down in 5 stages. My normal is more like 30 – 40 points down, so the difference is really remarkable. My Lasik adjusted eyesight sees well at distance, but my short vision is shot. Only the ATS sights afford enough size and color for me to get a good sight picture, I love them.”

Jeff in Austin, TX

“January 2012: Got the sight yesterday and installed them. Went to the Clayton’s Range today where they got a lot of attention, Ed will be calling you this week to order some to stock at the store. Once I started shooting with them I couldn’t believe how well they worked and well my groups tightened. I went out to see Ed and asked if anybody wanted to try them, they jumped right on it and the sights went over big time. As I said earlier I LOVE THEM, and I think Ed will be calling you for some sets also.”

Frank H.

“January 2012: I went to the range today and was able to put the rounds into the ten ring (about the size of an apple) at 25 yards, very big improvement from the stock sights. These sights are very fast to acquire the target!”

Robert G., NM

August 2011: “I wanted to thank you for a great product. I am fairly new to the shooting sports and have a very bad eyesight. I have had to purchase custom eye glasses just to see my front sights. If I see the front sight the target at 7 yards is blurred to the point that I cannot see where the bullet hit. The rear sight of the pistol is a blur. I decided to try your sights since the stock sights on my M&P Pro are all but useless I would try your sights. I installed the sights at a friends house in a very short time. Since we decided to go to the range and try the new sights, we decided invite a couple of friends. We each tried the pistol with your sights and all of agree that these things really work. I was hitting 6″ steel at 20, 30 and 60 feet like I could actually shoot a pistol. All four of us shot better than we usually do. Target acquisition was faster and clearer than it was before, plus I shot with my regular glasses. I have never been able to do this before. When you make these sights for the SR9c, I will replace those sights also. As I said at the beginning of this. Thank You for a great product.”

John C., WA

July 2011:  “After 4 matches since installing your sights on my Springfield XD9 Tactical I have decided to equip both of my Glocks with the Advantage Tactical Sights. I am now sure that I am aquiring quicker and my accuracy has improved. I am seeing many alpha,alpha” scores. And in at least two stages my points were higher then the winner of the stage. My time and mental mistakes are my downfall now. However, the almost automatic placement of the front sight at the top of the triangle is allowing me to concentrate more on other disiplines. This past weekend my double taps were consistently closely grouped.”

Roger, Ohio

July 2011:  “I purchased 2 sets of your sights to install on my 2 Glocks. These are the best sights I’ve ever used- fast to acquire and with no loss of precision, plus they work well in poor lighting conditions.”

Greg R., TX

June 2011:  “My father just got to try out his ATS yesterday. You asked for feedback on them. First of all, we received them very quickly, so thank you for getting them sent out so quickly. My father choose to go with an orange rear sight and white front sight. These worked best for his eyes. He has been shooting for several years and even has competed in some matches as a novice for about a year but recently his eyes at age 62 have gotten worse and he now has cancer and is going through chemo and his eyes have gotten even worse recently, to the point that last time he shot he was shooting all over a human size target at 7 yards……so we went to the range yesterday….he shot 200 rounds with the ATS…he loved the sights, can see them and was able, after a couple of mags, to keep 9/10 and 10/10 on a paper plate at 7 yards pretty consistantly. So there you have it…..thanks again!!!”


May 2011: Wow! just finishing a week-long NRA Police Firearms Instructors course using these on a Glock 21 and a Remington 11/87 and they were flawless.They made the qualifications a breeze , even the night fire! Firing the shotgun course with slugs was awesome ,ONE BIG HOLE. Loving these sights!

Mike Williamson

April 2011: What a great product, I feel you made the Advantage Tactical Sights just for me. I’m 70 & I can see them. I call them my OLD MAN sights. I tell my Old friends these are better than sliced bread. The Advantage tactical sights make it a lot easier for Old eyes to see and because of that my accuracy has greatly improved. Thank you again.

Jim, CA

December 2010:  “The two sets I just purchased from you are actually my second and third sets. I purchased a set for my Gen 3 Glock approx 1 year ago and found that it contributed greatly to my ability to shoot much tighter groups than with standard three dot sights. So much so I’m going to try to convert all my handguns over so as to keep things as similar as possible. In fact my hope is that you expand your line up so that I can convert all my non optic weapons to your triangular sight picture. This includes my AK’s, which for me, are in dire need of better “iron sights”. Also, while I like H&K, CZ and 1911 pistols better than Glocks or Sigs, a major reason I carry a Glock is due to your sight system.”

Justin, UT

December 2010:  “I have always been very mediocre handgun shooter, but the biggest part of that problem is that I have never felt that 3 dot sights were for me (rifle or handgun). There seems to be far too much room for error with those since so much of the sight covers your target. Sometimes you have to cover the POI, sometimes it is just below… way to subjective for my taste. When I read about the ATS it just made perfect sense to me and I just HAD to try them. Putting the top of the pyramid precisely where you want POI with full adjustability and high visibility, now THAT all sounded like the way to go. To my mind (as a scoped rifle shooter) this is the way to dial in your POI. I am still not the best marksman with a handgun, but with these sights I am much better and WAY faster back on target. I am really pleased with these, to the point that any future handgun purchases will be based on IF there are ATS currently available for the particular model that I am looking at! That being said I am not so sure I need to stray away from the XDM line of handguns… They have treated me very well and with the ATS it just gets better! Lastly a big reason I wanted these is that without my contacts in, I am very unsure of my aim with 3 dot sights and we all know that you have to be prepared for any situation. I tried these at the range recently with and without contacts and was very impressed, they really are all that I had hoped they would be! Thanks for a great product and excellent customer support, from a very satisfied customer.”

Chuck, AR

“WOW!! I just put the sight on my Glock 24 and it was fast and easy to install with no modifications. I would highly recomend these sights for anyone who wants to improve their shooting skills. Thank you very much for a good quality product that works.”

Philip, VA

“I have my concealed carry license. I’ve been owning, collecting and shooting pistols for over 40 years. My eyes have Myopia, Presbyopia and have Astigmatism. I was born with only 1 hand, ending at the wrist, and previously had trouble safely racking the slide to chamber a round. I realize you made these sights for tactical purposes as in when one hand is “busy“ holding a doorknob/flashlight/injured or putting pressure on a wound so as not to bleed out; so that one could still rack the slide on a corner or a holster or belt or shoe sole to clear a jam or replace magazines etc., but I wanted to thank you on behalf of all the visually impaired one-handed people for making this fantastic set of sights we can use. I bought them for my Glock 19, Glock 26, Glock 27 and installed them myself and used the spacers and laser sighted them in and couldn’t be happier with the results. Sight acquisition is phenomenally fast in all lighting conditions. As an added bonus, I noticed the tapered sides on the rear sight is more comfortable than any other sights as others have sharp corners that dig into my skin or holster while wearing my gun concealed. I’ll be buying many more. Thank you again.”

Ron, TX

“Unbelievable sights…I have 20/600 vision in both eyes and can still see them without glasses – perfect for home defense on my XD subcompact.“

J. Kallaher, FL

“First, I just went WOW; your sights are incredible. I have been around rifles all my life but I am a beginner in the handgun world. I have a Springfield XD and I was having all kinds of problems with the factory white dot iron sights. I started getting very frustrated with my poor marksmanship when firing a handgun. I even got to the point where I thought it was my gun and not my shooting. I just couldn’t get my eyes focused on the front sight for line up. On a man-sized target I was shooting all over the place and there was no consistent group or pattern. That has all changed now. I can’t believe the difference and how the ATS has improved my shooting. I also noticed that the ATS was able to help me line up to the target better and I was able to identify flaws in my shooting. The 1st 25 yards were in a fair group but the group itself was a little low. With the ATS I was able to notice that I was jerking the trigger which caused my gun to dip slightly. I was able to learn from this situation and correct what I was doing. I have now put 2000 rounds through my XD and I have never shot so well. You guys have an incredible sight system and I am looking forward to seeing your next creation.“

Jopsh P., Richmond, VA

“I recently purchased an Advantage Tactical Sight set and I must tell you that they increased my accuracy so much that I was amazed, as were the guys that I shoot with. Congratulations on an outstanding product. I am a very satisfied customer.“

Robert L., AZ

“I just wanted you to know what I thought of the Advantage Tactical sights I recently ordered. I was hoping that they would do what your advertisement said they would, as my eyes are getting older and I was having trouble focusing on normal sights. Tough to get old! I am pretty handy with tools and I’ve worked on many guns in my time so I did not hesitate to install them myself. As I was learning to install them, I realized that a lot of thought went into these sights and I started liking them and couldn’t wait to see if they worked. I then had to decide which colors to use which for my carry gun needed to be at least visible in low light. I laid the color inserts on my table and turned off the lights. The only light in the room was through closed blinds and the colors that stood out the most were the ones I used. Orange for the front and green for the rear. I really liked these sights as soon as I held the slide up to see if they were going to help my sight situation. I was able to instantly see the triangle and the target at the same time. It was effortless. I kept picking a target at different distances and it was as if I didn’t even have to think about my sights and I was able to complete the triangle in a moment. I was really impressed now. As soon as I was able to put the old glock together I headed to the range to see how they would shoot and to adjust them of course. They worked exactly as you stated they would and they have solved my problem of not being able to focus on my sights and target at the same time. I am so pleased with these sights that I just had to let you know. I was kind of surprised that I had to use all the shims on the front sight. Perhaps it is just the ammunition that I use but it did work for that ammo so it’s not a problem. I was getting nervous when I put the last shim in but it was on the money so I felt relieved that I didn’t need another shim. I used locktight for the final assembly and everything seems to be good. I showed these sights to some of my “older” friends and they were impressed, too. As soon as I they try my sights out at the range, I think that they will be ordering them, too. I know they will ask me to install them but I know all about them now so I won’t mind. Once again, I thank you for a fine product that does what you say it will and for solving a serious problem for me. Perhaps you could add something to your advertisement about the Advantage Tactical Sights being perfect for people who cannot focus near and far at the same time, so more old guys will be inclined to try them.“

James S., IN

“I love your Advantage Tactical Sight. The first three shot group I shot with the ATS measured 0.375 inches center to center. That was at 25 yards using a two-hand hold. WOW! This target hangs above my reloading bench. Whenever I practice or compete, the ATS draws shooters over to look at it. Many shooters ask if they can point my ATS Glock 17 down range to see/check out the sight picture. They all enjoyed the green rear sight & red front sight combination I am using. I enjoy the attention. OK, I enjoy the attention that your sights provide. Five or six times I was asked if the sights were fluorescent. Last night we were shooting plates until the brass was hard to see on the ground. The ATS was very visible to my old eyes. Thank you.“

Frank, CO


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