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Welcome the to Advantage Tactical Shop page. Browse our latest Dark Diamond Sight and Pyramid Sight products, find replacement parts for your sight kit, and more!

At any given moment, situations of self-defense and emergencies can happen to anyone and, unfortunately, the justice system may not be on your side. While you protect your family and property, U.S. & Texas LawShield is here to defend you 24/7/365 with the most comprehensive self-defense coverage at an affordable price. Don’t wait. Click here for more information about how to sign up.

“I was comfortable with the Advantage Tactical Pyramid Sight right away. The ATPS will make the average shooter a good shooter and more confident in one’s abilities. The ATPS is currently on my Glock 21 duty gun and my Glock 23 off duty gun .”

—Joe Hall, Senior Corporal, Palos Verdes Estates Police Dept., California Entry Team Leader / Swat Team Member / Handler / FBI Swat School Graduate / Distinguished Expert (the only Palos Verdes police officer with this Classification) / Warrant Officer, 40th Infantry Division, Provost Marshal

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