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Designed for speed, precision, and clarity of sight picture, our one-sight-fits-all DB FS pistol 

Sight kit includes: 

• 5 differently colored front sights 

• 5 differently colored rear sight inserts 

• .030" of elevation shim(pink = .016", clear = .008", tan = .004", red = .002") 

• Front sight tool and rear sight set screw, bases and hex key

Start with one .015" (pink) shim for 9mm. Amount of needed shim will vary, depending on load  and particular barrel. Approximately, each increment of .002" to .0025" of elevation shim will  affect bullet impact by 1" at 25 yards. With the tools provided with each sight kit, most will be  able to install our DB FS sights without professional help.

Product ID: ATS00121

Product ID: ATS00122 with Firefly

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