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WHAT IS THE FIREFLY?                                                                                                                                     
The Dark Diamond Firefly front sight inserts, the newest Advantage Tactical product, incorporate the latest chemical and manufacturing technology to produce glow in darkness. The Firefly night sight upgrade will swap out with any of our standard nylon front sight inserts, for all of our products.  The Fireflies come in four different colors (coral, yellow, aqua and lime/green).

Firefly insert upgrades will glow for many hours with a short exposure to a strong light source, for example:  1 minute of strong sunlight exposure for an 8+ hour glow; positioning the firefly 1” to 2” from a 75 watt lamp for 90 seconds for a 6 hour glow.  In addition, when the glow has finally diminished after many hours, just two seconds of a tactical light will bring back the glow for another 90 minutes or so.  Once charged, casual exposure to some ambient, will increase glow time duration.  The Fireflies never wear out or lose their glow capabilities.  One may expect decades of use with the Firefly, along with unwaning glow times.

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